Emails recovery

Hello, I deleted all my messages by mistake. I do not manage to get them back under gmail as my account was synced. Is there any automatic backup that would allow me to recover all my email ? Thanks

What did you delete? If it is messages in the “Inbox”, they should be in your trash folder. If it is the eM Client data files, they may be in your recycle bin, or, if not, then you will need to restore from system backup. Or maybe you have deleted something else that I have not thought of.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I went on the folder All messages and accidently pressed delete.

I take it you mean “All Inboxes”??? This should delete only the messages that were highlighted and these deleted messages should be in your trash folder.

All my messages seem to be in the trash folder. That is already reassuring.

However, I have over 2400 messages. 

Is there any way to transfer them back into their original folders ?

How many user accounts do you have? If only one account, then highlight whatever you want to retrieve from the trash folder and drag-and-drop to your inbox folder. Let me know if this helps.

In any case, thanks a lot.

I have one account. However, my email were sorted in dozens of subfolders. 

Do you think that there would any way for all the emails to go back automatically in their original subfolder ?

I guess I’m not sure how you deleted messages in subfolders. If indeed you deleted all messages in the “All Inboxes” folder, the subfolders should be intact. Perhaps I’m not understanding what you did. Could you be a bit more precise?

I have a french version of the software.

I only have one account in use. All my messages were organised in subfolders.

I wanted to delete the messages in the trash folder. So I just highlighted everything.

The folders that I selected turned out to be the “Tous les messages” which would translate as “All messages”.

 When I realised what I did, I looked in all the subfolders, and I had lost all my emails.

I now see that they are all the in the Trash folder. 

As I have over 2400 emails, I feel like it will be long to reorganise them all manually. 

Therefore I was wondering if I could send them back in their original subfolder automatically.

Do you have a recent system backup?

I am afraid that I don’t

I know of no way to accomplish what you wish to do. My best suggestion would be:

  1. Open Trash folder
  2. Enter some appropriate identifying criterion that will isolate emails that should be in one of the sub-folders.
  3. Highlight all that should be moved (if the criterion is exclusive, it should be all that appear) and drag-and-drop to the appropriate sub-folder.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s better than doing one at a time.

I hope this helps; let me know.

Here’s another suggestion.

  1. Open the Trash folder

  2. Go to an email that you know to belong in a subfolder.

  3. On the right side of the screen, open “Contact Details” and click on the email tab.

  4. All emails similar to the one you are on in the Trash folder will appear and I suspect belong in the same subfolder.

  5. Highlight all that ae appropriate and drag-and-drop to the subfolder.

unfortunately, once you delete your emails, the information about their previous subfolder location is lost.
You can take all your emails(ctrl+A) and restore them back to your inbox though. After this, you can probably set up some rules that would sort your emails to the correct folders (assuming you sorted your emails according to recipients or subject etc.) and then run the rules manually on the inbox.
Norman’s solutions above are correct as well, of course.
As for backup, unless you set it up, eM Client doesn’t do it automatically. You can set up your back up in Tools > Settings > General > Backup.

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