Emails on gmail server not visible in em client

I have recently linked an existing google account with IMAP.  Everything is working pretty well.  I have contacts and calendar synced.

The problem I am having is that I cannot see emails older than 1 week in ‘sent’ box.
I have tried a repair which brings up the same list of recent emails.
I have searched in gmail and the emails are still there.

Any help appreciated.

Hi, the mails you can see in your Sent folder are they visible in the Sent folder you’re checking on Gmail?
Gmail sometimes have multiple Sent folders when used with mail clients…

Thank you,

Hi Paul. Yes there is an imap/sent in gmail that wasn’t there before.
What are the appropriate settings to get all sent emails to one folder?


If you go to Tools > Accounts > Your Account > IMAP there should be a folder settings, it’s usually done automatically but if you want to adjust this, just uncheck the automatic detect and select the Sent folder automatically to properly correspond with the folder you’ve found.

Hope this helps,

I followed this and it seems to work fine.  Might be worth updating your defaults to suit.

Thanks for the response.

Hi Aaron, yes these folders should be set automatically when setting up a Gmail account, did you have different folders setup?

Does your current setup work for you now?

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Can’t remember what the default setting was but gmail prefers settings->mail->send to NOT save a copy in the sent folder.
Gmail automatically syncs sent folders and so having this checked uses the imap/sent folder when sending from em client.
Something like that.