emails not synchronizing

My emclient worked fne when I first installed it. Recently it will not get my emails unless I either shut it down and restart it or go off line and back on line. I checked with my email provider (Godaddy) and they have not made any changes on their end. I temporarily configured my Windows Mail and it worked fine but have grown accustomed to emclient and want to try to make it work again. 
I have recreated the account, erased all the databases, reinstalled emclient and nothing works. It worked so well in the past, anytime someone sent me an email I immediately got it, now it is so unreliable that I can’t trust it to keep my emails current without a lot of extra effort. I use IMAP email, is there a fix for this or a setting somewhere I have to reset? 

I’m having the same problem and am also looking for a solution.


Unfortunately this is a Godaddy issue we’re aware of but can’t do anything against as it is server-sided and therefore completely in the hands of Godaddy. Sorry for the inconvenience but you will have to take this to Godaddy.


I am having this issue as well… New installation of 6.0.24928.0 on Windows 7 … Sync occurs when application is launched, but never again until the app is shutdown. Send/Receive doesn’t get mail (Time Warner account), but go offline/go online does, so this seems to be a bug.

Let me know if you need logs/anything else, my wife is getting mad at me because she has to close/reopen the app to get mail.


Hello Mike,
we don’t have any reported issues with Time Warner at the moment.

Could you please set up IMAP logging for this account in Tools>Settings>Advanced section?
After you do, restart eM Client.
Send an email to this account (from a different account or webmail).
When it’s not synchronized for a while, go back to advanced settings and ‘Send logs’.
Change the recipient of the message to and add a link to this forum topic in the body of the email.


Hi David, 
I checked with Godaddy and they were not sure what the issue was. I did try Essential PIM and it worked well with no issues or hangups and my folders synchronized well. I still prefer emClient to the rest so hopefully this issue will be resolved at some point in the future… In the meantime I have to use the GoDaddy Webmail application which completely sucks.

I’m having the same problem.  About a week ago, my IMAP stopped working consistently.  Godaddy has nothing to offer in terms of support for this issue.  All my other IMAP programs/devices work flawlessly.  Problem seems to be isolated to emClient.

It seems to be a problem that has affected emClient for the moment, not that it may not affect the other clients down the line but for the moment it is only my emClient which has stopped working. Like on your end, mine stopped working about 2-3 weeks ago also. It had been giving me a few issues a couple of weeks prior to that but only completely stopped synchronizing in the same time frame as yours.  
I am hopeful they will identify the issue and resolve it.

Logs sent, thanks for your assistance.