Emails not showing

Emails aren’t showing in 9.0. I get them on my ipad, macbook and iphone, but they never show up in emclient. I missed 14 emails today because of it. Anyone else experiencing this?

Have you tried removing your iCloud account in eM Client and re-adding it again via the automatic email wizard ?

If you haven’t suggest to give that a go and backup eM Client first via the “Menu / Backup” dropdown along the top in the Mac version.

Also check you have the latest version of eM Client V9 for Mac from the version history page.

The problem is I have two accounts… a company account and a gmail account. I can see the contents of the inbox of each individually, but under All Inboxes, it only shows the contents of the Gmail box, though the total indicator is correct. I also can’t send emails from the company account… it just sits in the outbox. How can I remove the company account and then reinstall it without losing everything?

As long as the Company account is an IMAP, Exchange or iCloud account (Non Pop) then you can safely remove it without any problems as will just automatically re-download all your mail again to that company account when the acct is added back to eM Client.

So to do that first backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then once backed up go to “Menu / Accounts” and click on your Company account on the left and click “Remove” along the top. Then re-add your company account via clicking the “Add Account” button at the top and using either the automatic email wizard or manual option depending on what your company mail server supports.

Note:- You can see the progress of the manual backup via clicking “Menu / Operations”.

This didn’t work. This upgrade does not connect to my exchange server to send emails and it will not display them in All Inboxes. This is a massive bug and its killing my business. Please respond to the trouble tickets. I’ve been waiting all day. If it can’t be fixed I want a refund for the support I just paid for.

If you give me the ticket number, I will look into it for you.

[#145012]: Missing messages. Thank you. I’ve sent screen shots illustrating the problem.

Hi Mark My engineer first put me with emClient then got married went to Aussie
The 31 days expired while I was in London /on return no email
emClient offered mr non professional mail but now got nothing !!! how do I reactivate my account JOHN

cant use my email at all should i quit close john

Pretty sure you need to renew the license. Don’t remember though, but I think email does fail if you don’t. I think I did mine online, then I had to restart it.