Emails not moving to folder if initiated by another client

Mac mail has a rule to automatically move certain emails to a folder on the server. eM Client is not always recognising this and continues to display the email in the inbox. However, clicking on the email shows it blank, and it cannot be deleted or moved.  So the SMTP sync doesn’t seem to be working.  Second, some SPAM comes through to eM Client that did NOT come through to Mac Mail, all spam is being taken care of by my host and not Mac Mail, so I can’t see why everything isn’t in sync.  Please help urgently, getting very frustrated with product.

Hello si,

What you are describing sounds like very irregular behavior. In order for us to have a closer look, we would please ask you to go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Advanced -> Logging and turn on logging for ‘IMAP’ for the relevant account. Reproduce you problems and turn eM Client off. Afterwards please go to a folder where the logs are saved (default location is C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Logs), choose the log that has IMAP and relevant date in its name and send it to with a link to this thread. We’ll examine the issue and will be able to advise further.

Thank you,

Hi, I responded some time ago, haven’t heard anything back.  Also please note that I am unable to sign in to this site using Chrome.