Emails not displaying images / links (recent Oct 2019)

Recently with the past few 7x updates, almost all of my email that contains images or links are no longer displaying. This just happened in the past few weeks after running the latest updates. All of these emails displayed the images or links with no issue before. I have tried modifying my Privacy settings to allow all images, but that does not fix the problem. I have also uninstalled the latest version and tried to go back a few releases, but that has not helped either.

Are you maybe just viewing the messages as plain text?

You can change the setting in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.

Gary, that is not the issue here. I’ve been trying just about everything that I could find on this kind of issue, but nothing seems to work. I’ve tried all of the em client Privacy mail settings and none of them have worked. I’ve also tried changing the default web browser on my laptop and it does not work either. I’ve also gone as far as modifying my default browser privacy settings, moving temporary internet folders, turning off windows defender and just about everything else I could find on similar web issues. I will attach some snippets of some common emails :

There was an instance similar to this that I remember, but it was just with messages from one sender. Maybe it was Amazon or some similar online shopping site. The linked content used some unusual urls that eM Client was not able to follow. But that is not the case here, as it was working for you before.

If you want me to check though, right-click on one of these messages and choose Forward > Forward as attachment, and send it to me

But a possibility is that the message cache has become corrupted. There are two ways you can force a resync with the sever and see if that makes a difference. The first is to right-click on the folder where the messages are, maybe Inbox, and choose Properties > Repair. If it is a Gmail or Gsuite account, then you want to right-click on the All Mail folder instead. That will delete the local cache and download the messages again.

The second is a bit more aggressive; you can remove the account from eM Client and then add it again. 


Good news! I found another post online that discussed how Windows uses the default Internet Explorer settings, even if it’s not the default or have it installed.

"Outlook uses Internet Explorer configuration (emClient in this case):

To download the email images that are located on the Internet, Outlook relies on a properly configured Internet Explorer. So if Internet Explorer broke down on you and you started using a different browser or never even bothered configuring Internet Explorer because you are a happy Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc… user, Outlook won’t be able to download the images either.

In short; start Internet Explorer and see if it is still working properly (even if you do not have it installed).

If you need to configure a proxy server, you can do so via;
Control Panel-> Internet Options-> tab Connections-> button LAN Settings
Usually it will suffice to enable the option “Automatically detect settings” and disable the rest or simply compare the settings with the configuration settings of your default Internet browser."

Just for double measure (probably not necessary), I went ahead and did the same for my Windows Proxy setting**: Windows 10 Settings -> Search for: Change proxy settings -> Automatic proxy setup (Turn On: Automatically detect settings)**

Thanks for the details. I assume that it is working OK now?

eM Client actually uses Chrome as the rendering engine, but if changing your network settings worked, then that is great.

Yes, working perfectly again! I’ve been using Firefox, but several Microsoft support threads I’ve found talk about how windows uses the embedded Internet Explorer settings to display email images, regardless of the default browser you have designated.