emails not being sent

I have been using eM Client for years but this morning all of a sudden emails stopped being sent but new emails still come into eM. I have checked all the SMTP settings to be sure they match what my provide shows as the correct setting. I have gone into my provider’s webmail accounts and it will send and rec with no issues. I have contacted my provider’s Tech Support and they tested the SMTP server was showing up and clear. The following is the error message in the eM log report,  [SMTP]  MailClient.Accounts.ConnectionException: Invalid server reply when connecting: '4.7.0 [C4] Too much spam.  I have emptied all the Spam, Sent, Trash mail out of both eM’s folders and on the webmail site. I will post a few additional attachments of other info you may need to help me. I need to get my eM back working correctly,
I have blurred out things in pictures for security reasons.

Using the web interface does not connect to the server by SMTP to send messages, so it will not have the same issues.

Your settings are correct but I think there is a clue in the log. You could ask your provider why your account is being blocked because of too much spam. That does not refer to messages in your spam folder, but I think it refers to you being suspected of sending spam.

It could also be an issue with eM Client if this started happening after a recent update of the application software. You could uninstall eM Client and then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History. See if there is any difference.

Question, if my provider was blocking my outbound mail, why would I be able to send mail using the provider’s webmail? Can they block outbound mail from a client and send outbound on webmail?

As the web interface does not use SMTP, it is not affected if the provider blocks your SMTP access. Maybe I am wrong, but the error does seem to suggest that is what is happening.

Usually if someone is sending spam, they will not use a web interface because that generally only allows one message to be sent at a time. Rather they would use something like a mail merge facility and dump 1000s of messages onto the server using SMTP.

Thank you, I will go back to my provider’s support. I just hope it will be someone who can speak English that I can understand. LOL I will let all know what I find out.

If not, try the uninstall option. 

You do that the way you would uninstall any other application.

During the uninstall you will be asked if you want to delete the database folder.

If you want to keep all your local data and settings, including account details, templates, signatures, Rules etc. answer  No.

After the uninstall, download the version I recommend from the release history and install that. When you open eM Client all your data will be there. 

Thanks, I am chatting with my provider support desk now.

My provider has escalated the issue. So while they are looking, I went ahead and uninstalled eM and reinstalled with the older version as given and the problem is still the same. So out of curiosity, I downloaded and installed another email client Mailspring. When entering all the login information it came back with an error message. It was the same message as from the eM log, SMTP not connected. error too much Spam.  My provider does not show I am being blocked by them but I am hoping they will find something down the pipe that fixes my issues. Thanks again for the help. When and if the problem is corrected, I will be sure to post.

Good to know that it is not eM Client. 

My provider’s help desk has not contacted me back yet but the email went back to work about 30 minutes ago. I assume they either found the issue or during a reset they may have done, cleared the problem.  Either way, it is back to work. I really do appreciate all the help I was given. With what each said, I was able to push my provider to take a better look for a  problem.  They were pretty adamant the problem was in eM. Thanks again!