Emails not being sent from outbox

I have been trying to send some emails today from my PC, without success. I think that I may have overloaded the outbox with a large attachment. Now there are a number of emails waiting to be sent but they cannot get out. I can send and receive emails from my phone, though. Also emails do seem to be getting through to the inbox on my PC client. How can I clear the outbox and start all over again?


Something that may affect sending but not receiving is your anti-virus/firewall application. First, try completely disabling that and see if the messages send.

If not, go to Menu > Settings > General, and make sure that Show Local Folders is ticked. Then go to the Local Folder Outbox, and see if the large email is there, and delete it.

You may also find any SMTP (sending) errors in Menu > Operations then look in the Log tab.

Thanks for your help. I have solved the problem now. I found the answer in a response to someone else who previously had a similar issue. The outbox folder was showing in the “Favourites” section but I was only looking at the outbox folder among all my others. It turns out that you can delete messages from the “Favourites” folder, even though you can’t see them in the other one. Now my messages are getting sent as normal.

Yes, the Favorites Outbox is a combination of all other Outbox folders. That makes it easier if you don’t want to display Local Folders.