Emails not being received/worked on by Hotmail

Starting yesterday, messages that I send from the client are not being either received or acted upon ay Hotmail. The messages are in the sent folder but never received by the destination. A simple send to myself never comes back. I can send to my Hotmail address from Outlook or Gmail and the are received.
This morning it worked for about 10 minutes! Also receiving a lot of failed messages from Em C from airsync protocol.

Have you contacted Hotmail?
Have you tried logging on to Hotmail to see what you see… same problem?

Thanks for the suggestion but…when you try and go to it is redirected to! As mentioned I can send from Outlook without a problem.

Perhaps opening a ticket on Outlook is the way to go…

Just saw this… no idea if it will help or not…

"How do I contact Microsoft customer support?

1 (800) 642-7676

Microsoft Corporation/Customer service"

Thanks but all you get is a message telling you to go to support!

Sometimes FREE sucks…

Perhaps someone else in this forum has other ideas…