Emails no longer showing first line....

Hi all,

EmClient has suddenly started only showing the email with the name of the person and the subject: previously it showed this but also showed the first line of the email as well. Essentially it’s now all too small and compressed. Any ideas?

I should clarify: previously the sender’s name was on the first line and the subject was on the second line. Now, everything is on one line and I hate the appearance!

If you drag the message list right border, thus making the message list narrower, it will revert to the view you want.

You can also change the settings in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List, where you can set the pixel width for this to revert, or set it permanently regardless of the width.

Hello, draging the message list right border doesn’t help. Could you please specify how to make EmClient showing the first line of the email in the e-mail list? I followed al the tips above but still the only information that is shown on the list of emails is "Sender| and “title”. Showing the first line of the e-mail (usually first line i saying everything we need to know) is the only missing function that prevents me from migrating from Outlook to EmClient. Thank you very much in advance.

In Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Message List, you can specify below which width to use compact layout. You can also choose to always use the compact layout.

Hello, thank you for a rapid feedback. I found the option you mentioned. The point is - despite using compact view EmClients still doesn’t show the first line of the message on the list. I’ve jest also received feedback directly from EmClient saying: 

[… Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, this feature has not been implemented yet but I have just added it to our list of feature requests so we will certainly consider it for future updates. …]

Seems like there is no such feature available at the moment.

James’ original question was a bit misleading. He wanted to get back to the compact layout rather than the single line layout, which he clarified in his second comment. I guess I assumed yours was the same - sorry!

If you have already received a reply directly from eM Client, what is the purpose of asking the question here?

Dear Gary, thank you again for your feedback. I’ve asked question here before sending an e-mail to EmClient and getting (a very quick) replay from them. Last but not least - I thnk publishing their feedback here would be helpful for many users. If you are receiving tens or hunderds of e-mail a day the a simple e-mail content preview that we are discussing here is very crucial and many hard email client users are looking for it. On the other hand, seems like only MS Outlook is supporting it…

Some alternatives to MS Outlook that do offer a couple of lines of the email are Mail and AirMail on Mac, and Mailspring on Mac, Linux and Windows.

Thank you very much for your advice on Mailspring. I will be waiting for eMClinet in a version offering a couple of lines of the email :slight_smile:

It is something I would also welcome. If I have been using the MacBook for a while, I always miss the extra lines when I go back to eM Client on the PC. :slight_smile: