Emails moving back to inbox

Since updating to v8 my emails are often moving back out of the folders and into my inbox.
Running version 8.0.2951

Account is a gmail address. Haven’t had this problem up until update.

Any suggestions?

No one else have this problem?

We seem to experience a similar problem with the eight installations of version 8 we use. These are all gmail (Google Apps) accounts.

Quite often, but not always, emails that get dragged and dropped from inbox to IMAP-folders “disappear” from there, or rather, that information does not get synced to the server.

From here on, there are two differenz scenarios:
1.) The email “disappears” from inbox AND the folder and only shows up in the All Mail folder.
2.) The email reappears in inbox and is gone from the folder.

I sometimes start a sync-process after having moved an email, that seems to better the chance of it actually working.

This has been a reoccuring issue with all versions of the V8-beta up till today (8.0.295)

Same problem. Reported this a while ago. Also have gmail

I’m also having the same problem and it’s happening intermittently. When I move an email(s) from my Inbox to another folder, it sometimes moves back to the Inbox. I would move it again and it would move right back.

I’m using eM Client version 9.0.1708 (2cfb4a5) on Windows 10 with a Hotmail and a Yahoo account.