Emails keep on disappearing from inbox!

Just installed. Ran the spam filter on my Inbox - and my entire inbox content has gone. It just emptied out. I can’t find the emails in any of my other folders! EXTREMELY bad. Does eM have a spam folder somewhere that my emails might have gone into?
I just same the confirmation email arrive from signing up here and that has also just disappeared before I could read it!

Perhaps I can ask a more direct question: where does eM put spam?!


spam is sorted on server, so eM Client will download spam emails in same spam folder into which they were put by server.

Usually that folder is called trash or spam,

Anyway do you still have your emails on server?

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Thanks for your reply.
Apologies if my first message was a little scatter-brained/shirty! I was having bad computer times…

After some headscratching and trawling through the filter rules, I discovered that the filter rules I originally imported from Thunderbird had been imported incorrectly, omitting the _crucial_ “From contains” part of (at least some of the) filters, so the first incorrect filter was simply moving any incoming mail straight to one of my (very infrequently used!) mailboxes. I’ve now moved the relevant emails back to the inbox and deleted all the filters.
Basically, importing the filters from Thunderbird failed badly for some reason.

I’ve simply deleted all the imported filters and all appearst to be fine!

nice to read that everything is solved now :slight_smile:
if you will need help again don’t hesitate to contact us again.

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