Emails in outbox when closing

Hi all,

For some reason eM Client is telling me there is one or more emails in the outbox when closing. Problem is there are no emails in the outbox. Have tried rebuilding data base as well but it still comes up. Have no issues sending emails and they all show in my sent items folder but it still warns me when closing that there are emails in my out box.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

If you are using V7, go to Menu / Tools / Settings and check if you have the “Show Local Folders” checked and that there is nothing showing in the local folders outbox usually at the bottom left window. If you allready have local folders enabled and nothing in that outbox, i would remove your email account and readd account as new.

Hi cyberzork, fantastic, the “Local Folders” option fixed it up. Thank you very much.

Great you got it sorted :slight_smile: