emails in html with graphic headers and some attachments don't downloac

On two computers, one Win8.1, one Win7, separate email accounts, one on 6.x main release, other on 6.0.22930.  Using gmail and IMAP.  Receiving plain text emails are fine.  With an html email and particularly one with a graphic header, the download is painfully slow or doesn’t complete.  Same thing with attachments, they often hang and don’t download.  Anti-virus has been disabled, inboxes rebuilt many times.  The problem doesn’t occur on every “fetch”, but often enough to make it irritating.  Any suggestions?

Hello, not quite sure what you’re referring to as I was unable to replicate this issue, please note that eM Client only downloads the message headers automatically so email data is downloaded once you click on the message, the request is made and eM Client has to wait for server response, the speed may vary based on your mail server - you could avoid this behaviour by downloading data for offline use automatically.

To enable this option navigate to your account settings and select “download messages for offline use”.


Paul -

Thanks for your comments.  I tried that a while ago, but the program hung badly and I had to force a shutdown.  I thought I had licked this issue, but a few minutes ago it happened again.  An email with a graphical header wouldn’t load.  There were scrolling dots above the message pane.  I clicked on a few other emails, which were fine, then went back to the problem email.  It finally downloaded everything.  When this happens, the entire program is frozen until the action has completed.   Does this explanation help?

If the application doesn’t respond, can you please run this utility, and submit the created stack dump file to us as an attachment? Please submit the file to my work mail [email protected] with a reference link to this forum topic?

Thank you,