Emails have disappeared

I've been using eM Client since March 29th. All my emails in my inbox suddenly disappeared this afternoon!! The ones in sub-folders remained as well as those in my trash and spam folders, but the important ones that I NEED are now gone! Is there a way to find them and get them back? It is so frustrating. I am using version 7.0.27943.0  I thought perhaps they were archived, but there is no archived file that I can find. Should emails be saved? Why is my deleted mail still there and what was in my inbox gone?

Hello Debbie,

This situation can be frustrating I can understand that, we will try to help you with recovering your missing emails.
Please try to check your webmail, your messages can still be there. Also please clarify how is your account configured(IMAP/POP etc.).
If you have a backup you can restore from it.
Do by any chance recall any specific action that you may have done prior to this issue?