Emails going to Junk - Cannot mark as Not Junk

Clicking on Junk Email does not offer an option to Mark as Not Junk. Have searched Settings but cannot find Filtering or anything marked Junk Mail. Neither can I locate any heading marked Mailbox.

If you have previously Blacklisted the domain or address, the option is Move to Inbox > Move to Inbox and remove blacklisted email/domain.

This will move the message back to Inbox, but if it is your server that moved it to spam in the first place, then next time one arrives from that sender it will go to Junk again. You will need to open webmail, select the message in Spam, and mark it as not spam.

WHAT is Webmail? No such option.

domingoo 18 diciembre 2022 :: 0911hrs (UTC 0000)

Webmail is an email service that can be accessed using a standard web browser.
It is different from the email service available through a specialised email client…
Examples of webmail providers are:
1&1 Ionos, AOL Mail, Gmail, GMX Mail, Mailfence, Working..., Yahoo! Mail & IceWarp Mail Server, plus many others

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