Emails from old computer

I set up eM Client on a new laptop but still have loads of emails on an old machine.  Is there any way I can get these onto my new laptop without doing something that will affect either my new account settings or file structure?  I am assuming that “file restore” would overwrite what I have on the new laptop.  There are various questions on a similar theme but all I want are the emails (not settings) and I am not sure if this can be done.

Many thanks

Hello Simon, you can backup your database folder by using the database backup tool in eM Client on your old computer, and move the backup to the backup folder on your new computer to restore the database data including your emails.

Or if you’re using an IMAP account, all your items should be synchronised with your mail server, allowing you to setup the account and download all the available data to your client in few seconds.


Thanks for that Paul.  I have never had to use the “restore” facility, can you select what you want to restore or is it everything?  I am concerned that in restoring (on the new laptop) it will overwrite the account settings or existing emails.  Thanks, Simon

(I do not use IMAP because it limits the file structure)

Hello database backup/restore replaces database data with what’s available in the backup - unfortunately it’s not possible to select which data will be overwritten - if you’re not using IMAP and still want import your emails, you can also export your emails into .eml files using your old computer and re-import the exported files using the import from .eml option in File > Export/Import.


Thanks Paul, the latter seems the way to go.

Glad I could help, let us know if you come across any other questions or issue with the application, we’ll be happy to help.