Emails disappearing from inbox, M365 server

I am trying to migrate to EM Client from Outlook, and seem to be having a problem with emails vanishing from my inbox in EM Client. Right now I have both Outlook and EM Client installed side by side and am running both to double check that EM Client is handling my email properly, and I have noticed some problems. I have a Windows 11 machine and the account is a Microsoft 365 business account. My current EM Client build is 10 3117.

I first noticed in V9 that a small number of emails were appearing in Outlook but never showing up in EM Client. They aren’t in the spam folder or any other folder I can see. At first I thought it might be some exchange bug, but it happened again today and I am trying to debug it. I first noticed the problem today when I saw that there was an unread email notification in the inbox, but no unread email in the list. When filtering the list to only show unreads, the list was empty but there was still a little blue 1 next to the folder. I opened Outlook and can see the missing email immediately. Following some advice online I used the Repair function on the folder in EM Client and the email appeared… I was able to read it. However, a few minutes later the email disappeared from EM Client again. It is still properly visible in Outlook.

This is a work address and I cannot risk missing important emails… I need to get this figured out or I will not be able to migrate. What would people recommend?

My current EM Client build is 10 3117.

Could be the missing emails are in a eg: “Category” within your Inbox depending on if you setup that up or not in the initial wizard setup upgrade or install.

So apart from your Primary Inbox, you might have Inbox Tab Categories called eg: Promotions, Other, Social etc.

Now if the missing messages are in a Category, if you then don’t want to use Categories or don’t want to use a specific Category, you can “right click” on them and disable them.

Next if you still can’t see the missing messages in any Category or you don’t have Categories enabled and nothing in your spam / junk folder, then check in eM Client “Rules” to make sure no Inbox messages have been set to automatically move to any folders via “Menu / Rules”.