Emails disappear when transferring to a gmail account

In the past versions of eM client, sometimes when I would drag an email from an exchange account to gmail, the emails would disappear from eM client, but I could search for them on the web version of gmail. This was very irritating and fortunately stopped in version 8, but has now restarted in version 9. It is actually much worse, because it happens every time. And it does NOT happen when I transfer from gmail to exchange.

This is very frustrating. The feature of being able to transfer emails between accounts is one of the main reasons why I use eM client. Does anyone have a suggestion and if not, I hope that eM client can fix this.

The messages are most likely in All Mail, just with their labels removed.

What version of eM Client are you using? (Menu > Help > About)

If it is not 9.2.1577 or later, please update to the latest version in the Release History.

Then try the process again.

Thanks for your fast reply. I was not up to date. I updated and it actually fixed the problem, thanks!

P.S. When I went within eM client to do “check for updates” it told me that there were no updates available. But I saw that there was one at your link, and downloaded and installed that.