Emails constantly downloading

On the operations section (bottom left of the eM client window) the state is always “Downloading messages”. When I check the log tab on the operations window I can see that it is busy downloading messages over and over again. It goes through all the folders and downloads constantly. I’ve even left it to do so overnight but it stays in a constant downloading state. 
If I recall correctly, this behaviour wasn’t present when I first installed eM client last month.
I would greatly appreciate help with this.

Hi Dean,

Are there any error messages?
When this occurs it usually indicates a possible misconfiguration in your server- or security- settings.

But there are other possibilities:
When you installed eMC - did you choose your intended use? Free or Pro ?
Did you activate eMC with the appropriate license?
Did you acquire a license? Free or Pro-(paid)
Is it more than 30 days since you installed eMC ?

What’s the version number? On which OS ? (and version ?)
Who is your email provider?

Please supply the required info…


Hi Peter

Thanks for the reply. 

There are no errors from what I can see. The log just shows how it loops around once it’s done all the folders and starts again.

I chose the free licence and activated it accordingly.
It is more that 30 days since installing it, yes.

eMC version: 7.2.36908.0
OS: Windows 10 Pro version 1903
Email providers: Yahoo Mail and Gmail.


Downloading constantly just means emclient hasn’t fully synched all your emails to all folders yet. Click on All Mail folder and click sync / refresh at the top left and usually once its fully synched everything in the All Mail folder you should be fine. It can take a while over sometimes a few days depending on how much email & attachments you have.

Hi Dean,

Thanks very much for the info.

A few more things :
When did this behavior change?
Did you have updates to Win 10?
Did you have updates in your AV program ?
Is eMC version: 7.2.36908.0 the one that you first installed?

BTW - cyberzork  - may well be right, but then the question is.
why didn’t this occur when you first started using eMC ?

He is right about the behavior, because it takes time to sync a large number of messages, but if there’s a change out of the blue- something else changed…
Also, both Yahoo en Gmail employ limitations for the number of messages and total downloads per day.
But…that should’ve happened right with first use…

So overall, I agree with everything cyberzork wrote in his post, because that was my experience as well, Afterwards - with subsequent sync’ing, the number of messages
is quite small en sync’ing takes only seconds.

BTW  -I addressed this about  1 year ago as well…

Maybe someone else can shed some light on this changed behavior…


Hi Peter/cyberzork

I apreciate the input, thanks.

POP or IMAP ? Both account are IMAP
When did this behavior change? I can’t recall exactly, but I noticed it about two weeks ago? 
Did you have updates to Win 10? Yes, the general updates that MS pushes.
Did you have updates in your AV program ? Yes, Windows Defender defintiion updates.
Is eMC version: 7.2.36908.0 the one that you first installed? Honestly I don’t remember what version I installed. I’m almost certain it’s this version that I installed because I can’t recall any updates for the client being done. The installer I downloaded doesn’t give me much info. The revision number is {AF274B4C-38C7-4F29-9323-A7FCCAE59C56}. I don’t know if that helps?

Could it have to do with the settings options I’m given when doing a search on a folder? Namely; Always download complete messages, Download complete messages now, and Don’t show this warning again.Is that setting only valid for that search or does it persist for general mailbox and downloading behaviour?

I’ll leave it to run for a few days and see what happens.