emails are not sending

I am not able to send emails. How do I fix this problem???

Are you getting any error messages?

Same problem. No, no error. They are sitting in my outbox. If I select “send all” or “send all” under my email account, I may get a green progress bar at the bottom, but at the end the messages are still in my outbox and they do not show up in my sent folder.

I am using a gmail account, default settings.
I added mailclient.exe to my MacAfee settings for one of the settings.
I am receiving emails ok.

It looks like the setting didn’t take in my McAfee. I had to add mailclient.exe to the list of excluded programs under “prevent mass mailing worms from sending emails”. I thought I did that earlier, but I had to do it again. The messages in my outbox just sent successfully. Hopefully the correct setting is saved now!

I am glad you resolved it.

Trying to fix that doing the same with Norton Internet Security…

Hi Marcelo, are you having issues while sending messages with Norton Internet Security enabled? Can you try to setup an exception for eM Client, so the application is not blocking the application’s ability to connect to your server.

Thank you,

As it turns out, the exceptions are managed by my company.  If I make any changes, they are overwritten within 24 hours.  I was using emclient to manage personal email on my work machine, but since it is a work machine, they block all non-business license applications.  I had to switch clients for this machine and only use emclient on my personal computer at home.  I can’t buy a professional license just to check personal email on this computer.

Hi George,

I am unable to send my emails too, I’m only using windows defender and I’ve entered “mailclient.exe” to excluded files and locations, excluded file type and excluded processes but my messages are still in the outbox. I’m also receiving error notifications.Can you help me please…

Hi Marie,
could you please copy or take screenshot of these error messages for me?


Actually, I uninstalled my em client a while ago and installed it again just now. Now, my problem is the pop3 and smtp , please see the attached.

And here’s the log

Hi Marie,
could you go to Tools>Accounts and screenshot the server settings in the SMTP and POP tabs?


Hi Olivia,
Here is the screenshot photo of smtp.

Thank you,

Here’s for the pop

Hi Marie,
could you change the Security policy on both of these tabs to the last (legacy) option in the drop-down menu?


ok. thank you Olivia