Emails are not sending

Emails are not being sent.  They just sit in the outbox.  How do I fix this problem.  the server settings are IMAP and SMTP.

Had this issue with another email product. Account not right for sending.

I have had eM Client for at least 2 years now and had no problem sending or receiving emails  before.  Just the past few weeks, it does not send, so there must be a way of fixing it. 

Three possibilities are your provider, your anti-virus/firewall application, or your settings.

As Sarge said the issue was there with another email product, that seems like there is something wrong on the server. Contact the provider and see if there is some issue.

You can temporarily disable the anti-virus/firewall and see if the messages can be sent. If they can, then you need to configure your anti-virus application.

Settings can be checked in Menu > Tools > Accounts and then looking at the SMTP tab. The port should be 587 and the security policy Force usage of SSL/TLS.

If those don’t help, go to Menu > Tools > Operations, and see if there are any SMTP errors in the Log tab.

I agree with Gary. Have you had a windows 10 update lately? I see people have problems after an update. I always DO NOT allow to update on its own but let me check and choose.
Depending on firewall and virus put program on safe list. 

Gary and Sarge, Thank you for your responses.  I will follow your suggestions and see what happens.  BTW, when I contacted my service provider to check what the problem was, they said they cant help because eM Client is not their program!

Go to service provider web page–support and insure you have the proper settings. Some providers change settings and do not tell you. Even their support should also be able to tell you that.

Thank you Sarge.  Will check that out.