eMails are directed to wrong accounts

I have Windows 7 and Google will no longer accept WLM as a secure system. I am on a 30 day trial with eM Client. I have 7 Gmail accounts. I really like eM Client. Especially the importing of all my WLM emails. But now that I have set eM Client up, my emails, that are directed to a specific email address are ending up in one of my other 6 accounts. I only have one account with a Gmail forward (and that doesn’t seem to work with eM Cient). The other 6 accounts are not forwarded. Since I am new here, I don’t know if this has been address before. Hopefully there is a way to correct this. Thank you.

So are you saying you are forwarding one of your Gmail accounts to a non Gmail address, but it’s going instead to one of your other Gmail addresses ?

None of my emails are going to the designated account(s). An email sent to Account #1 may end up in Account #3, and vice versa. Also, I have one Gmail account where I have (on Google Mail server) created a forward to another Gmail account. It’s not working with em client. All of the above are POP3. As a test, I set up a duplicate account with one a count using IMAP and it fixed the problem. I just don’t want to use IMAP. Hopefully I can find a fix for the above.

Sounds like this is a Google forwarding issue where the mail server online is not sending things to the right account online which then in turn is going to the wrong account in eM Client.

The only thing I can suggest to test, is remove all your forwarding in Google online and send each account a separate email from an alt email address and see if all the sent emails arrive in the correct Inboxes in eM Client.