eMails account to common Local Folder

I’ve installed eM Client on two PC’s, one with Windows 7 Pro and the other one a new Windows 8.1. Of cause two different users and mail accounts.
On the W7 already MS Outlook 2003 was installed. When eM then adopts this setting the eMail accounts was created and new mail’s pops up in the “Local Folder” Inbox.
But on the new W8.1 only an exported pst-file from an earlier PC with MS Outlook 2003 was imported to eM. This occurs then in a “Local Folder”. Adding then the wanted gMail account this one occurs as a separate mail folder. But I want this one also to behave as the W7 installation new mail’s shall be put in the common “Local Folder” inbox as for the W7 installation.
I’m not able to find any configuration item solving my wish.
Can anybody help me?

BTW eM Client 6.0 is not in the list!

Hi, eM Client is not in the list where? Anyway you can after import move those emails manually or drag and drop them all to your desired folder directly or even import over File - Import… whole account :slight_smile:


After you copy the emails from the “local files” inbox to the first email inbox, incoming emails to the second account still go to the “local files” inbox