Email X is receiving email for Email X and Y when loading

I signed up for the free trial and everything worked wonderfully. I purchased a license and now I am having an issue driving me insane. I have 8 email addresses. Email X now recieves my email from both email x and email y but only on eM Client. I have looked at all settings and can not see where the issue is. So if I go just to All inboxes I have duplicates from email x and email y. If I click on email x because this is not the email that senders are sending it to it will show email y’s address. I checked my google settings and nothing has changed. I have changed nothing other than entering my license for eM Client and boom a problem started happening. Please help me fix this. I receive too many emails as it is without having the duplication. If I look in my gmail outside of Em Client I do not receive email y’s email in the email x’s inbox.

One thing you can try is to remove both x and y accounts from eM Client, then add them back again.