email won't sync for one of many gmail accounts

One of my 4 gmail accounts does not sync while the others work fine.

Problems I encounter with this individual account are:

  • the sync process does not complete loading “All Mail” folder
  • new mails show up in the inbox but the content/attachments won’t load

I have tried:

  • activating less secure apps
  • activating IMAP
  • checking IMAP settings
  • deleting and re-adding the account

Would appreciate some help!

Have you tried deleting that account and setting it up again from scratch?

I must admit I find connecting to any of my Gmail accounts a little “iffy”.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes - I have tried that already…

Sorry - my mistake! I didn’t read your last bullet point!

No worries and thanks anyways (:

The free version is for only 3 accounts! If you want more you have to pay.

That’s strange because I have the 30-day Demo…

However, after removing all ten other ( :smiley: ) accounts it started working.

-> Do the Demo/Pro version have an acount limit?