Email will not display


V8 will not display any emails from TinyIsland, including ones received when V7 was installed . V7 would display them. I can see them in my gmail account

Any suggestions?

Version 8 is a beta version, and has many bugs. Uninstall it, reinstall version 7, and the problem will be resolved.

You can report any beta issues to

How does one revert to a prior version? Are there any special steps as data structures may have changed?

Yes, the database structure has changed and is not backwards compatible.

This is what I would do:

  1. If you did not make a backup before installing the beta version, and you have local data that is not synced, or new local data since the backup, then you will need to export all your local data before the uninstalling the beta.

  2. Uninstall the application, then download and install the previous version from the Release History.

  3. Setup your email accounts again and if your data is not synced with an online account, restore the backup you made before installing the beta version, or import the data you just exported from the beta version.

I do not agree. For a Beta it has only a few and I very much hope that this version will soon replace the current one - this is a recognizable development step.

@david.vinograd: If you followed the steps here ( Warning: eM Client 8 will update your database…) you can return to V7.

I will stay with 8, too much hassle to revert and 8 will be out of beta in 2 weeks or less. The work around is a pain - but doable (read from gmail).

That would be true in March.

But the Final should be only days away …

How long can you hold your breath, Michael? :wink:

Just kidding! The release is imminent, and if yesterday’s beta release is anything to go on, many of those bugs I mentioned have been fixed. I have certainly ticked many off my list.