Email Viewer repeatedly refreshing

Downloaded the beta yesterday. Looks good except for one real problem: whenever the cursor cycles from “view” to “do” (arrow to finger, for example), EMC forces a refresh of the entire window. Worse, if you’ve scrolled down, it refreshes from the top.

It also does this sporadically, probably due to some HTML trigger somewhere. The more HTML in the message, the more it “blinks” or “twitches” or “winks” depending on your perspective.

I’ve got six employees using EMC7; I really need this hammered out before I roll it out to them. What logfiles etc. do you guys need to troubleshoot this issue? I’m seeing it on Mac, by the way; haven’t rolled it out on any PCs yet.

Beta software is for testing only, and may not even be a full application. It is not suitable for roll-out in a production environment.

While you are testing you can send your feedback about issues to They will let you know what they need from you.

I have three CenterCode logins, Gary, I know what beta software is for. This is why I said “I’ve got six employees using EMC7; I really need this hammered out before I roll it out to them.” I even went as far as asking how to provide feedback because “” is nowhere on this forum.

So… this forum has absolutely nothing to do with beta testing? And the only feedback point is an email? That’s not promising.

Not sure what that is, but I don’t think it has anything to do with eM Client.

And I said it was a bad idea to roll out beta software in a production environment.

Version 8 was officially released since my last comment, so it is now out of beta. Roll away on the PCs.

BTW, this is a community supported forum, not an eM Client Inc Support forum. Here you will get answers and comments from other users, not from the company themselves. I am sure this was explained in the agreement you accepted when registering for your license. Maybe I am mistaken though. If your Pro License extends to version 8, you can open a support ticket directly with eM Client, and they will be able to help you further.

Comments on beta versions should go to, not here.

It looks like you spend a lot of time here, Gary. Thank you for your service. I would point out to you, however, that the effort you’re putting into hostility does not paint a great picture of the company you so “enthusiastically” support.

It’s okay if you don’t know what CenterCode is. But we’re talking about beta-testing, so you’ll excuse me for expecting that you would. You could have Googled it, and then you would have learned something instead of snarking at me. In fact, you could have led with " Comments on beta versions should go to, not here."

And here’s the real problem: I downloaded Em Client 8 yesterday, immediately found a stop-ship bug and asked where to send it and your response has been “don’t use this in a production environment.” Yep. Got it. But if I check for updates on the software I downloaded yesterday, there’s no update available… and you’re at “Roll away on the PCs.” Nothing has changed, Gary. The problem I have with the software in front of me will be the problem my employees have with the software in front of them except now it’ll be a production problem, not a beta problem. Meanwhile, it isn’t a problem in 7 which is a pretty good reason to not “roll away.”

So I get it - or, I get it now, nobody here can do anything to squash bugs or improve software. Good to know. But hot diggity damn, Gary, I’m not sure how you could have been less helpful, less welcoming or less thoughtful about my post.

Sorry, I don’t use that search engine!

Yesterday the beta was at 8.0.2646. Today it is out of beta and at 8.0.2685. Something has changed. Maybe I am mistaken though.

No it won’t. You are testing a beta application, no? This is not the application you will install for your users.

Yes, because version 7 is not a beta application. Beta software, as you seem not to understand, is not always a complete application. Maybe this issue you are experiencing is related to that. But the official version 8 release, of course you can roll away. It’s not a beta. That means it is considered stable and intended for a production environment,

No, nobody here works for eM Client Inc. However, this forum is monitored, and occasionally they will make a comment.

My initial comment did, however, give you a clue as to how to submit your feedback.

Gary - your wilful ignorance aside, if I download software yesterday, check for an update today and find no changes, do you think I’m safe to assume I’m running the latest version?

If I search for the latest version, the only information I find is for PC… my OS X version (8.0.2421) isn’t listed.

If I go back and download the latest beta again, I see that it’s 8.0.2421.pkg. I feel that I’m safe to presume that anything I could present to my employees will be identical to the version I’m evaluating.

I understand how badly you want to paint me as an idiot. I would merely caution you that paint is messy, and often ends up where you least intend it.



No, I think you are doing just fine. :wink:


I still don’t understand why you would do that. Maybe you do things differently, but I would NEVER install beta software on my employee’s computers.

A solution may be to submit your issues to, wait until it is out of beta and then look at it again. The Mac beta was also quite a way behind the PC version even in beta. Maybe the issues will be resolved by the time it is released.

I’m running Version 8.0.2772 (9852465) on MacOS and my Preview Window flickering if i put the mouse through this window. Often the Preview is repeatedly refreshing nonstop. I am in contact with testing@… I hope this will be fix soon?

Whatever you do don’t upgrade because it will give you no eval period. You will have to pay the minute you upgrade.

When you initially install eM Client on a device, you are given a 30 day evaluation period to test the application with all features enabled. Once that expires, you will need to activate either a Free or Pro license. You can never go back to the evaluation period after the 30 days have passed or after activating a license.

If you install a beta version for testing, there is no license requirement. That means while testing the beta you again get all features enabled just like in the initial 30 day evaluation. The beta is also time limited though, so you will eventually need to install an official release, and again become subject to the license requirement.

But if you installed a beta of V8, you couldn’t downgrade to V7, even if you’d paid for V7.

EmClient refunded me for 11 licenses because of this.

It is not that you can’t downgrade, just that you can’t use the same database with older versions.

So once you install version 8 (beta or official), if you want to go back to version 7 you need to uninstall version 8, delete the database and install version 7.

For anyone who is interested, we provide full downgrade instructions here.

^^^information that works for a version released after Emclient refunded me for 11 versions because it wasn’t possible at the time.

You’re welcome, Internet.

It has always been the same. Version 9, 8, 7, 6 etc.

Also among some versions of the same number, it is not possible to use the same database. So a 9.1 database can’t be used by a 9.0 install for example. Just like a 7.2 database can’t be used by a 7.1 installation.

But downgrading is and always has been possible.

This is incorrect. I was informed by Sales that it was not possible to downgrade from 8 to 7 once the 8 beta had been installed. We even discussed uninstalling and reinstalling but because of license server issues, once a license had been used for 8, it could not, at the time, work with 7.

I’ll note that my post is 5 days before your instructions were written, and 3 days after my money was refunded.