Email vanishes upon del

When I press the del button for an email it is gone and can not be found in the trash folder. How can I fix that?

martes 10 octubre 2023 :: 1457hrs (UTC +0100)

I have not be able to replicate this.
What version of eMC do you have?
Can yo give any more specific information?


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My version is 9.2.1 and the problem existed since 8.0

I also cannot replicate that problem with V9 with eM Client Windows or Mac.

Who is your email provider ?, and is it a POP, IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account ?. Has this problem just started all of a sudden ?, or have you never been able to see deleted emails ?

Things you can try if you have never been able to see deleted emails.

Could be there is more than one Bin / Trash folder in the email account that in not enabled in view in eM Client under the account, so then never shows the deleted emails.

To check that, “Click once to highlight your email account” on the left and then once its highlighted, “Right click on the email account” and select “Show / Hide Folders” on the menu. Then see if there is more than one Bin / Trash folder which can be enabled.

Apart from that, if there is no other Trash / Bin folders to enable in Show / Hide Folders, then could be the correct Trash folder “is not enabled at your server mailbox end”, so then you don’t see the deleted messages in the eM Client Trash folder.

So “if its an IMAP, Exchange, Office 365 or iCloud account”, go into your mailbox online and make sure you have the correct Trash / Bin folder enabled there in your mailbox settings. Also make sure you can see deleted mail in the Webmail Trash / Bin when you delete emails from the Inbox.

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