Email type names

is it possible to change (ie. E-Mail 2, E-Mail 3) or add e-mail type name (ie. Work, Home,…) in contacts or add column with another name in contact list? I have synchronized Gmail contacts and I can’t see e-mail in contact list because Gmail uses another names for e-mails (ie. Work, Home,…). I can see these emails only in single contact window. Thanks,

I think you’re referring to Gmail labels? As far as I’m aware, emClient doesn’t support those. You could make a suggestion for future inclusion?

I mean, when you open contact in Gmail, type an e-mail adress and click on the left side, you can choose home/work or write own type of this adress, but I am not able to see this adress in any column in emClient, only when I open this contact.

indeed this use case may be slightly problematic. We will look into options of improving this in future versions.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Libor Grafnetr