Email transfers to Folders don't happen

Hi. Ever since the latest version of the client was installed (v8) I have noticed that 50% of the time, whenever I transfer an email to a folder either by using the dialogue box or by drag and drop, it disappears. When I go to All Mail, I can see that these emails are not tagged. If I use the dialogue box to move these mails to the correct folder when viewing All Mail, they always go in to the correct folder. I have also noticed that when I view a particular folder that I have transferred an email to very quickly, I can see that the email goes in to the folder, and then comes out of it. It’s a reall pain!

Any ideas?

Moving mail between folders in emClient v8 has been bugged since day one.

I’ve reported it here a couple of times but to this date nothing has been actually fixed.

The only solution for the problem, at least for me, was to stay with v7 which ironically works perfect.

Thanks. Do these posts count as “reporting”?

Also, is there a way to reinstall v7?

(1) Since eM Client support staff is said to “monitor” this forum you could consider it a form of “reporting”. If you have a PRO account then you should open a support ticket.

(2) Here is the eM Client knowledge base posting for “returning to v7”.

Read and execute carefully !!

Thank you for your help.