Email text sticks to Windows 7 desktop (em Client 6.0)

Weird problem. Open a new email message. Type a word. Highlight the word. Drag the highlighted letter very slightly upward. Result: the highlighted letters are now permanently “planted” on your Windows desktop, even if you close the email message, and show through all other windows.

You might have to install the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer to solve this.

I believe I do: 11.0.9600.

hmm…another option might be to install a newer version of the driver for your graphical card.

I’m using Windows 8.1 and don’t have the issue you’re mentioning.

Hi, do you still experience this issue?


Yes. See attached image. I highlighted the word ‘test’ then dragged it up slightly. It’s now planted on my desktop.

Hi Andrew,

If I were you, I would remove your phone number from your screen shot.

Oops. Thank you Hans.

We now know that this issue is caused by IE, we will have to wait until Microsoft will address this issue in newer versions/updates


I too have the exact same problem having used many different versions of IE and graphic drivers.

windows 7/64