Email Tagging

Is there a plan to add Tagging in the near future?

Hi Glenn, what do you mean by tagging, you can use categories if you want to better organize your mailbox.

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Besides categories, I like tagging to use as well. This way I can tag an email for a project, a resource, a PO etc. I use categories for Work, Personal, To Do etc. This makes it easy to search multidimensional.

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we will consider adding this feature to future releases of eM Client, but it’s not a planned feature currently.

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Hello, I also would like a way to “tag” emails.  In MS Outlook I keep my emails grouped by creating user defined “tag” field.  It is the only reason I still use Outlook.  If emClient had the ability to assign user defined group and sort fields for emails, it would be the Outlook killer I’m looking for.


Hi Don, unfortunately it is not possible to tag emails but have you tried to use the categories to sort your email? You can create new categories for your mail/calendars/contacts in Tools > Categories and assign categories to your existing emails/calendars or contacts. You can also use smart folders to view your categorized emails and search for items using category names.

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Categories are offline (Ie not synced to IMAP server). So quite useless in modern world.

Hello, unfortunately categories are not an email standard, that would be widely used amongst all mail service hosts, if you’re using categories, categories should be synchronised with other installations of eM Client for this account, e.g. if you’re using it on your work and home computer.

However your mail service may not include support for categories thus can’t display them - Gmail for example uses labels that are essentially behaving as folders on IMAP, thus you can assign categories (labels) to items and synchronise the change with the server.


I’d like to add my ‘me too’ to this. My current solution is the same what Don Canova did: I created a custom header field in Outlook and made that editable. Now, I can just click on that field in any headline entry and start typing. It is incredibly useful; I have no idea why this method is not advertised anywhere.

I use categories, too. But it is not enough for many cases. For example, I take note with a free-text comment if I need to check feedback to a specific mail from a specific person, or on a specific detail from the mail which I need to check. I could live with an offline solution, but I do not want to drop that incredibly simple ‘click & type’. Creating tasks from emails is far too cumbersome; also, I do not have any date to assign. It’s the last feature that keeps me at Outlook.

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