email switching between html and text

It would be great to have an option ti decide writing emails in html or text-version!

Also in case of opening “html” emails in “text” (options; “only text”) it would be necessary to switch into html & to see pictures etc!

Switching between html and text would be a very necessary feature (like in outlook).


Hi, this is already implemented.

when you are composing new email - Tools - Format. Or you can set html or plaintext as default in Tools - Settings - Mail - compose.


Yes this (button would be nice also) but

* I selected “show all messages only in text-version”
* if I open email in text version I cannot switch to html viewing


It is not already implemented as I explaind before…

Hi, to be honest why do you want to open email as HTML while you have set it in plaintext? That is not logical at all, email can’t be made part html/part plain text.

Also are you talking about writing or reading messages? The way I told you is how to switch html/plaintext when you are composing them.

If you have in Tools - Settings - Mail - Read checked “read all messages in plain text” then you obviously want to read your emails as plaintext, that is why it is not possible to switch them to HTML.


No - all emails will be opend in TXT, also the HTML emails.

If you decide to read HTML-emails in HTML you cannot
swich quickly. Sometimes with to many html codes it is
better to switch with 1 Klick to HTML!!

I make sense to read all emails in TXT-version first, because:

* Safer
* better to read (courier letters - better than letters of the person who send email)
* if you answer you answer in TXT because you don’t want to write in HTML
* if you answer you may get “>” in all text below (better to answer)
* if you answer you only use a plain courier format

Outlook can do this TEXT to HTML switching with 1 Klick in oopend email!

Unfortunately we do not plan to alter this feature in this way.


Just to bump this up, I am missing a fast switch of the mail view as well. In specific as the text view often displays the entire mail body instead of the text.

The parser is either not working very efficient or missing some essential bits to recognize tags and spare them from display.