Email suggestion based on addresses from all sent emails

Is there any way to turn of this (I’m sorry, really annoying!) feature?

What’s happening is I’m having the same people being listed multiple times. I think what’s happening is that when people set up multiple devices with the same email account, they put their name in several times. Or when other people have them in their address book, they list the name slightly differently - meaning eM Client is now listing them all as totally separate people.

I have recipients history disabled (because I find it annoying) - my preferred behaviour is to autocomplete only from my address book - which was the previous behaviour with recipient history disabled.



Hi Ben17,
I have been solving this issue by VIP support ticket…and still go on.

This issue is new to me since installing 9.2 - in fact it’s so annoying I may downgrade to 9.1!

Very annoying, indeed! :roll_eyes:

It gets worse. I tried reverting to 9.1 but 9.1 can’t open the 9.2 database.

I totally agree, this needs a setting. I prefer suggestions only from contacts and before, by not checking the store composed email recip for suggestion as you showed it worked well for me. For now, I am getting suggestions from 5 year old emails for people I emailed 1 time.

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Exactly - I have literally years of sent mail in my work mailbox, many of whom I rarely emailed, no longer emailed, some of whom are now deceased - if I’m honest one of my favourite features of eM Client was that it only suggested contacts from my address book - so I could remove those I didn’t want to contact!

A simple checkbox would sort this right out.

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I described this same problem in another thread, and Ben17 kindly told me about this one. Count me in as a faithful fan of eM Client who definitely wants an addresses-from-contacts-only option for the drop-down list. Who knows if an address from a years-old email message is even valid any more?


Is there any new information about this problem? It’s quite serious in that there is quite a risk of selecting the wrong email address for someone. I just sent an email to my wife (whose office is on the other side of the house) and NINE addresses appeared in the drop-down list. She has only two email addresses.

I did get a response from pro support, and they said:

Yes, we are looking to offer this function as optional in later releases

Not particularly specific, but at least encouraging that it’s on their radar.

A little birdie told me that the CheckBox “Use all recipients from Sent folders for suggestion” is ready in new (internal) version. Wait please for next update.

@Gary confirmed this over here in this thread: Loading recipients from sent is a nightmare - #17 by Gary

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