email slow to load

With v6.xxxx (latest v6) email is often very slow to load, in the 2-3-4 min range, with the little dots or dashes streaming across the top of the window. This a new thing in the last 3-4 wks.  This includes email already read yesterday as well as new email, and is not limited to email with large attachments or in fact any attachments. After the first few emails load, all seem to load normally then all is ok till the PC is idle for a few hrs and a new batch of email comes in, then repeat.

The data file 2.6G in size. Is that too big?

ISP is ATT (6meg data rate) and Yahoo web based email is the base email ATT provided. All email is always current and loads instantly in Yahoo which I use as a sanity check to debug eMC problems.

Can anyone fill me in on the process of email coming in from ATT to eMClient with IMAP? What’s the data flow path? To my view it’s just an app running on my PC and has nothing to do with anything eMClient the company does. It’s talking directly with ATT’s server(s) as that’s where the IMAP stuff sits, right? But given that, why would it even be an ATT issue since all email is always promptly present in Yahoo web based email?

And as far as my 2.6G data file goes, I’ve read of others being successful with files data file 10 times that size.

All suggestions appreciated.