Email sits in outbox on Android

When I reply to an email on my phone, it now says ‘Your email will be sent shortly’. And then it just sits in my outbox forever. Operations logs and errors are completely blank. It works fine on Mac, the problem is only in the phone app. It worked just fine before. What gives?

Yes I too have this issue with eM Client V10.0.1878 on both my Samsung mobiles with Droid OS14.

I have to manually swipe down in the app to send mail for new, replies or forwards.

I have sent logs to [email protected] to advise. Suggest you also email that issue as well.

Note: I have found though “when you first open the app” if you swipe down once in eg: All Inboxes or Inbox, “it will always then send mail automatically” until the app is closed. So that’s a temporary fix.

So whatever “swiping down once” does fixes it.