Email signatures - how to stop images used in signatures being editable in the email?

Hi, I have been using eMClient for a little while now and am very happy with it. I would like to upgrade to Pro, but I have a query re images in signatures.

I create a signature and have an image file attached. It appears on the emails, no problem. However, the image can be re-sized, re-positioned or even deleted by anyone sending/composing the email, or by the recipient. Ideally, I want the image to be locked in terms of both position and size so that it cannot be manipulated at all; and also so that it cant be deleted. Is this possible?

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Hi Phil, unfortunately this is not possible in eM client (I believe this is not possible in any other email client either). When you create a message, the signature is an HTML code, that’s simply being added to your conversation with the recipient. So when he replies to your email he’s able to adjust the message however he wants including the text of the message and your signature.

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No, you can’t.

You can only make parts of your signature hard to change by creating one image from your whole (with images and text) signature.

not completely sure if I understand. Yes creating an image signature would make this harder, but still would let the recipient delete the signature image with his reply.

As I noted, this can not be disallowed or blocked. You could create an HTML signature that would link to an external image on your server possibly, but this would cause that the message would always have to prompt the user if he wants to download external content, which he might not do and the signature would not be displayed at all.

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Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. I’m not overly concerned about the text bit of the signature - I know that can be changed - it’s the image which is below the text which can be manipulated, but…

…as an update to my first post, I have just looked at an email I have received from a client, and that email has a signature which includes an image. When I open the email, I cannot alter the image; but if I were to reply or forward that email, then I can alter it (resize it/delete it/etc). So I think I am looking to achieve something that isn’t possible after all!

Thanks for your help

Hi Phil, yes when you’re viewing the message you can not alter it, that can be done only when replying. Hope I have answered your questions, unfortunately it is really not possible to lock the image to the message.
If you come across any other issues or questions, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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