Email Signature Picture Disappears


I am using eMail client and use the email signature feature. When I create it (in eM Client) I insert a picture in the signature as well.

This seems to work fine for a while but then at some random point in time the picture in the email signature seems to disappear and when I then try and send an email a get the below error message.

The picture in my signature then look as follows and I first need to delete it from my signature before I am able to send the email.

Why does this happen and how can I fix this?

Hello, I believe this might have occurred due to the image being replaced or removed from the linked folder.
How did you create the signature, did you insert the image by selecting it from the specified folder or did you perhaps copy and paste the signature into the editor from another application?

Make sure to keep the image in the specified folder and link the image from the application’s editor directly.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, will test this.