Email signature logo blurry

I have set up my email signature logo. When I compose a new message the logo looks sharp and exactly how I would want it to look on the receivers end. I’ve sent an email to myself as a test and in the received email the logo image size has increased and seems to have lost quality and sharpness, as if eM Client is downgrading the image on send. I have seen the same result in client replies. I am a digital illustrator and can’t have a low quality logo on my email sig.

I’ve tried different DPI levels at 72, 96 and 300 dpi and am saving the image in Jpeg format. I’ve also tried PNG format but for some reason eM Client adds a box around a PNG image (??) and I can’t seem to find a way to remove it. I’ve also tried hosting the image and linking to it but the result is the same blurry image.

Any advice on how to get eM Client to not downgrade my logo so it is consistently sharp?

Thanks in advance!


Can you please send a couple of test e-mails (for example both jpeg and png formats) to my address [email protected]? We can then look further into the issue.


I have the same problem with the blurry image from email signature.
Did you solved it?