Email Signature Issues

I am having a strange problem. I have custom HTML based email signatures here in eM Client and most of the time they work just fine. I however just got a new laptop and loaded eM Client on it and now when I get an email from my Contact Form on my website and I reply, the signature is just showing the html code rather than what it is supposed to look like.

This ONLY happens on emails from my contact form as everything else looks as it is supposed to.

What makes this even stranger is that on my Desktop that is also running the latest Windows 10 with the same version of eM Client, there is no issue. Any thoughts?

If the setup on the laptop has the same accounts as that on the desktop, you could backup on the desktop and restore that to the laptop. That would ensure you have the same configuration and settings on the laptop as on a computer where you know it works.

See if that makes a difference.

I just got a new laptop and installed em Client and this is still happening…any solutions?

Did you backup from the desktop and restore to the laptop?