Email server doesnt support subfolders?

my email doesnt support subfolders? when I create it , its ok. when I reload the program, it does this. it does the same at outlook 2021, so I guess my email server doesnt support subfolders, which means I need to find different email server?

Thunderbird can do the subfolders… but has some issues, for i am looking for something else. second picture, how it looks after reloading is in the next message.
Any advice?

picture two (as I am new, cannot add two pictures … omg)

If you create sub folders online in your webmail, does the sub folder stay there when you refresh webmail ?

actually my webmail doesnt support subfolders. only folders. so I can create folders only through the eM client.

what I tried, Thunderbird made me it well (the subfolders)
eM client, Outlook, BirdMail doesnt allow it. but on outlook it works (stays well)

actually my webmail doesnt support subfolders. only folders.

Time then to move to a different mail server.

I personally use Gmail and Outlook (Live mail) accounts and they both support sub folders and have good mail apps too.

I prefer Gmail between the both of them if I was starting new. Google gives you 15GB space too.

May I know - the Gmail names folders and subfolders like labels, so when I want to give a label to an email, it creates own folder.

On the other hand, the part labels is full of “folders of the gmail”, even its not the label, but the way, where it is saved on gmail.

Does it have any clue? To separate these two different types of informations - labels and folders? or its not possible for gmail? Thank you.

Gmail has an “All Mail” archive folder which holds all your email from all the various folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent box etc

You create Top level “Labels” and "Sub level “Labels” under you Gmail account either via eM Client directly or via your Gmail acct online. Easier in eM Client. The user created labels then all connect to the “All Mail” archive folder even though they are all shown separately under your Gmail account.

See Google’s support docs for more info on labels.