Email sent from a shared mailbox going into wrong sent items folder


I am testing eM Client and the scenario is that users will be connecting to O365 accounts with shared mailboxes and they have send as permissions on those mailboxes.

When sending an email I can select the “from” address to be the shared mailbox and that works, but the email item is then placed in the default mailbox’s sent items. I need the item to be in the shared mailbox sent items so that others can see it.

I can’t see anything in the options to alter this behaviour?

Is this something that can be done?

With Exchange (0365) accounts, the server always creates the sent message and we have no control over where it puts it. We just sync the folders and show the message where the server has placed it.

This is something you would need to ask Microsoft to change.

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@Gary is correct it can be made to work in your 365/Exchange but I can not help you I speak German.
I do not know good English to explain.


Thanks for the assistance. I found the copy option on the mailbox to make this work.

@tmax Ich habe das gleiche Problem und suche eine Lösung, kannst du es mir erklären?

@RMB how exactly did you make it work?