Email search in local folders fails

All searches in local folders fail to return results. I can only successfully search in my live IMAP folders. I have my emails going back to 2003 sorted by year in local folders but I cannot retreive any emails from them by searching. This is seriously affecting the functionality of this program.

Hi Chris,

I can successfully search for text in e-mails in my local folders.

Did you specify in which folders eM Client should search for text?

eM Client has (in my point of view) a hidden option for this. You need to click on the small triangle next to the edit field where you can enter your search text.

see screen shot.

I’ve suggested eM Client to make a separate combobox in the bar with the search text, where an end user can select and constantly see in which folders he’s searching for text.

Hi, have you tried solution which was suggested by user Hans?