Email retention on server

I have two PCs, one personal and one for my pool league. I want email to be stored on the pool league PC which is started twice weekly but to be able to review email on my personal PC which is started daily. I have a Pop3 gmail account set up on both PCs. I have the “retain on server” box marked on both but when one downloads an email, it is no longer available for the other computer despite those settings being enabled. These settings worked in the past when I had a Spectrum email account. The emClient version is 8.2.1237 (b402cf3). Thanks for any help.

You want to be using IMAP, not POP3.

That way the messages are stored on the server, not the PC, and you can review messages on either of the computers, and the read/unread or replies will be visible on both.

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Thanks for the response. I want to be able to read emails on my personal computer but not necessarily take any action on them on that PC. I want notification that there is email on the league PC without having to start that PC up every day. Once I am aware there is league mail, I want to be able to start the league PC and take any needed action on the email. I then want that email and any response to be permanently stored on the league PC. I have nearly 12 years of emails in a history folder on eM Client now. Would this not create a storage issue using IMAP? Pop3 does exactly what I want when the “retain” setting works like it is supposed to. I wondered if this is possibly a gmail setting problem rather than eM Client. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any info or setting requirement for gmail.

Yes as @Gary says you need to use IMAP.

The problem with POP is that even though you set to leave messages on server for x amount of days on more than one PC, at the end of that x amount of days one of the computers could eg: check for new messages before the other pc got a chance to download the new messages, which then the messages are no longer available to download for one pc as they have been deleted by the other pc.

So the idea is to keep your messages on the server and use IMAP to avoid this issue happening. However you will need to have enough Mailbox Space on whatever ISP you setup to keep all messages in the cloud. There is many reasonable cloud servers with cheap monthly space out there.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think IMAP is the answer as I want to store email on the PC. I have 10 years worth of email in a History folder. Pop3 with the ‘retention’ setting set worked perfectly with multiple email clients since Aug 2009 when using ISP mail servers. It worked perfectly on eM Client with two different ISPs using their email servers. I think that when I switched to gmail that retention quit working. Due to Covid I had to shut the league down and I did not use the league computer for a few months so I don’t know for sure that retention quit with the gmail switch. I was hoping that someone might have experienced the same problem and could give me a clue on how to fix things.