email 'Reply to' Link does not work regarding the subject

I had a problem with an eMail from HP in which I had to click on a link like this:

*** The following is information about a case at Hewlett Packard.
*** If you were asked to email an update to the case, please reply using the link below:

This part of the mail was in blue ink and underlined as a link:

The rest was black as always and if I clicked a message was created but the subject was empty.
I assume that HP uses standards like that ones from the IEEE and that this mailto & subject thing has been defined there.

Why is em Client not able to create a new message with the right subject?

It took me quite a few minutes to find out what to do because first HP was sending replies that the syntax was wrong. The main problem was that %3C means a “”

If that behaviour is not a bug then take it as a praise to implement.



Hello Wolf, not completely sure what you’re referring to, based on the above pasted text from your email I would expect the link not being valid as mailto:mailtocontentetc… is not a valid HTML link.
In case this was an HTML message the link would have to be included as:

[click here](mailto:mailtocontent)

However I’m not completely sure how was the message received. Mostly HTML emails like this include instructions on what to do if you’re also viewing the message in plain text (quite usual), but it’s possible only the link was not formatted properly by the sender.


it was a plane eMail and it appeared as below in the screenshot.
That LINK character of mailto was recognized but broken beyond the “?”
If HP is using standard - as I assume - why doesn’t em Client work in the intended manour?

If this is a plain text email the message was incorrectly formatted, plain text doesn’t support links, only the ability of eM Client to detect the link allows you to click on it. However the “mailto:” part should not be included in the content if the message was correctly formatted. I believe there might be a missing multipart message. For more information submit the source code of the message to my email, with a reference link to this forum topic.


The problem is that HP rejects the reply until it exactly meets their specifications … where I had problems to figure out that the “<>” where so important.

It would be a desaster for HP if that mailto is not a standard, because no client would be able to get an exchange for a dead toner cartridge.


DONE again

Hello again, thank you for the received message, unfortunately it confirms what I’ve suggested earlier - the source code doesn’t include any defined link, but only the “mailto:” this is not a valid input of a mailto:link, and I suggest to report the issue back to HP’s support in case it can cause issues while contacting their support or supplier.

Hope this helped.