Email recepients history is fetched from Thunderbird without the permission todo so


While composing a new message the recepients field suggests recepients from my Thunderbird accounts that has never been imported to eM Client, nor has the eM Client asked the permission todo so -> How can I disable this feature?

This is very bad thing because I am using the eM Client just for this reason that my business email and contact would never get mixed together.

… Would never be mixed with my private contacts.

eM Client cannot access data from other mail clients. However, it can access information from your mail servers for the accounts you set up.
Do you perhaps have these contacts synchronized to a certain account?


Ah, okay I’ll have to check that out.

Yes, your are right, it was other accounts contacts which I did not noticed. Would it be possible to deny the usage of the contact list and use ONLY the older recepient list which in my case is a lot more shorter list…?