Email Receiving and Sending Very Delay

Dear Support,

We have 500 plus pro version Licenses of EM Client, recently we have migrated our On Premises Microsoft Exchange Server to Exchange 2019 and observe abnormal delay in receiving and sending emails through email client using EM Client with Exchange Web Services profile specially sent emails stuck in outbox for the long periods of time. On the other hand, users on Microsoft Outlook are not facing any delay and they are absolutely working fine.

Further we have already troubleshot all possible scenarios like upgraded EM Client on most updated version, create fresh profile after removing old, completely remove antivirus software and using direct LAN connection where no VPN involve but issue persists.

martes 28 febrero 2023 :: 1355hrs (UTC +0100)

With the number of seats (500+) you have presumably you will or should have a robust SLA
(Service Level Agreement) in place with eMC; the best way to approach this issue would
be direct with eMC Support and hopefully your own dedicated support technician; if you
do not have this I am shocked!


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