Email receive : play sound notification after rules have been applied

Nice product : thanks.

I have set several rules to avoid spam. Runs fine. Other mails go into Inbox. But if I receive a spam, I have the sound notification. It’s not interesting to me to be notidied for a mail that doesn’t interest me. That’s why I set a rule.

Would be fine in a future version to wait the rules have been processed to decided, or not, to run the notifications.



How did you set this up?

If you don’t want a notification, you specify that in the Rule. 

Fine. Thanks

More generally, would be great to add a rule action, “Execute command”, that could execute any command from the Windows command line, so to speak. This could play a sound or run a program, etc. A lot of e-mail clients provide this in their filters.

I did not see many that can do that, but Evolution which I use for work does. It can pipe data or a command to other applications, open applications, manage attachments and all sorts of goodies from a filter. Thunderbird can’t do that, but using an add-on like FiltaQuilla it can do something similar. I think these are more advanced functions that you will never see in an application like eM Client.

I would be interested to know what others you have experience with that do this advanced filtering.

Sure. Thunderbird counts since the add-on works. Sypheed, an old and old-style client, handles it natively. I used to use The Bat! and recall that it also had a native action to execute a command.  This does not sound to me like an advanced function. Running a command in the operating system seems like the most basic type of activity one can imagine!

Yeah, I remember Sylpheed. It has very similar functionality to Evolution a few years back. It is still available though I think development on it stalled.

Running a command IS an advanced function. Or rather a specialized one because many don’t know how to do that anymore. Let’s blame the Redmond team for that;-)