email questions

EMC 7.0.27943 / W8
Trying to learn EMC.  I few small problems.
I can’t find what I’ll call “email properties.” In Outlook, I can select “Properties” and see the actual email and ip address of the sender.  Can’t find that in EMC.  All I get is “Tom Smith” under “From.”  How do I get to properties?
Frequently, when I access EMC, I get a popup - “No operation in progress.”  How do I avoid that?
I have set a rule to change incoming email text color based on category.  Doesn’t work.  All are black text.  How do I get the rule to change the color?

  1. If you right-click in the message pane, and select “Message source”, you can see all that information.
  2. Go to menu/tools/settings/general/general and un-check the “Show operations window on send and receive”. This may cure the issue, but I’m not sure. Is there a specific circumstance where this window appears?
  3. Don’t believe you can change text color.

1)Thanks for the response. I see no “message source.”  Here is my problem . . . in the email folder, showing upread email, I want to know the email of the sender (e.g., [email protected] (I made that up)).  I can right click an OPEN email, right click>properties, and find it.  But I want to know the sender BEFORE I open it.  Right click on an unopened email does not show a “Message source.”
2) I’ll try that.
3) I’m confused.  Why have a rule that assigns a category, if the text color doesn’t change? 
“After a message has been received
sent to Abe Lincoln
set category ABE” (where Abe is RED).  What does that rule do?  BTW, the “Category” column shows “None” for all emails.

1.  If you have conversations enabled, then the message list combines messages in the same conversation on one line, so you can’t look at the message source.  the best way then, is to right-click on the message in the viewing pane.  However, there are a couple of ways around this-- a) disable conversations or b) check “Show conversations in message detail only” (both at menu/tools/settings/mail/read).  In these 2 situations there is only one email per line listed in the message list and you can look at the message source by right-clicking.
3.  A category does not change the text, but adds a color marker to the right of the message in the list.

  1. OUTSTANDING!!!  Thanks a lot!

Very good.  Now, I have 5 emails set up in EMC.  One shows in the left column.  All others appear under “Local folders.”  I suppose the paid version will display all 5?

In Outlook, very few spam got to my Inbox.  Almost a third of my email in EMC are spam.  Any way to rid my life of these?  FWIW, I tag these as “Junk,” but new junk replaces them.

I believe that POP3 accounts show up in local folders as these accounts just download emails and do not sync accounts to the server. IMAP and Exchange accounts should show up as a separate account not in local folders.

One thing emc does not really do is filter spam like outlook does. If you want to emulate outlook, you may want to consider a third party application. There is a toolbar item for send junk to email and blacklist email address or domain. Have you tried this?

>> There is a toolbar item for send junk to email and blacklist email address or domain. Have you >> tried this?
I’m confused again.  Is the toolbar item a 3rd party app?  And I don’t understand “send junk to email and blacklist email address or domain”

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. Emc does not have the ability to determine if an email is junk and classify it as such. it does however, have an option on the toolbar (see pic) to blacklist a particular email or domain. This is reactive rather than proactive and not as good as third party apps. Hope this helps.

It’s OK - it works.
How about Gmail IMAP.  Set up an account per
I get to “Test Configuration.”  It’s been there over an hour.  No testing has started.

Hello Required_alias,

Did you set up your Gmail account through the Automatic setup or did you skip this option and set it up manually (see picture)? As for the “Test Configuration”, could you please post a screenshot?

We would also like to point out that you will not be able to continue using 5 e-mail accounts when the trial version runs out if you do not get a PRO license.


Yup, know about the trial limit.  If I can get things set, I’m buying.  That’s why I have some urgency.
Progress.  I’ve gotten a gmail account to work . . . kinda.  Background - I have set up 5 email accts, 1 of which is gmail.  For email received by the 4 NON-gmail accts, email shows up in Smart Folders>All Inboxes.  For the gmail acct, email shows up in [email protected]>Inbox folder.  AND, it is set to category “Important.”  I’ve set no rule using the “Important” category.
How do I get received gmail to the Smart Folders Inbox?  How do I eliminate the Important flag?
BTW, your tip on hiding the operations popup worked.  Many thanks.

Your Gmail should also show up in the Smart Folders without any additional setup.  Also the important flag is actually a Gmail thing,  not emc.  Emc just reports what it receives.  There have been several threads on how to disable this in Gmail (web client), but I’m not sure they are 100% successful.   Try this string:

OK, got all acc’ts to work.  Just a few easy questions and I’m a buyer.
Refresh - is there a Hot-Key?
New>Mail> Beside the “Send” button is an email address with a drop down.  That drop down list includes 2 addresses I created and deleted.  How do I remove them from the list?
Is there a feature “Wish List?”  Things I miss from Outlook, like a faster way to enter event times.


Glad to hear that all accounts are working.

For refresh, you can make use of the standard Windows key for refreshing F5.

About the addresses - the deleted addresses shouldn’t appear in the drop down menu. Could it be possible that you have these addresses set up as aliases? (Accessible through Menu ->Tools -> Accounts -> General - User Information - “Aliases…”

For suggesting features, you can create ‘Idea’ threads here on the forum or look to see if somebody already posted an idea you like and then vote for their thread. The features requested by many users are then taken into consideration.


OK, just bought EM C.

Hi Jay,

If you would be so kind as to tolerate my  expanding some more on how POP accounts function with eM Client.  I believe it may add some clarity.  

You are correct is saying that POP3 accounts store to local folders such as Inbox, and perhaps junk and whatever other folders you wish to create,  and have rules to send downloaded email to.

But not to be confused with eM Clients default  set of  named “Local Folders”.  I believe eM Client created that set in their default template to be utilized by users with only IMAP accounts.

If you do configure a computer as a pop3 client, your emails will automatically be downloaded and stored locally in your Inbox under each account… But not in that “Local Folders” set.    To then subsequently copy then to eM Clients “Local Folders” set, would be an exersize in furtility.     

On that note, If you have more that one device checking email from an account, a great configuration is to have one (and only one) configured as POP3.  And any others configured as IMAP.  This will ensure all your email will automatically be donwloaded locally to the one ‘master’  email computer (pop3 client).   You can go away for months and as long as the one computer is running, you will return to  locally stored copies of all your email.  Albeit sitting in your inbox marked as uinread on the pop3 client computer.

I hope this helps.  .


Hello Allan,

Yes, POP3 downloads the e-mails into your computer. When you are setting up a POP3 account, you can choose whether you’d like to download the messages into the Local Folders OR whether you’d like to create folders grouped under your e-mail address.
In general, if the account is used across multiple devices, it is usually recommended to use the IMAP protocol on all of them - if the messages are deleted from the server, then IMAP will synchronize their removal, effectively deleting the e-mails in question from all devices with the exception of the device with POP3.


Thanks to you and Allen.  Much clearer.